Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day

Father's Day started with church of course and then a well deserved nap for dad.  Then on to all the homemade gifts from Abby and Jacob.

The kids made him a super hero story book that turned out so cute.

To go with the Super Hero theme dad and the kids got Superman shirts so they can all be matching.  Matching shirts is a big deal around our house.  If Jacob and Bryson match then Abby is mad and if Bryson and Abby match then Jacob is get the picture :)  Now everyone is Happy.

(notice Jacob's unhappy face.  He's mad because I asked him to scoot closer to Abby.  He refused and then pouted.  Does the picture drama ever end?)
We ended the day with on of dad's favorite dinners "Flautas" and homemade ice cream.

Backyard Progress

Our backyard has gone through some major changes in the past year.  First we had the slope flattened out and then added the trampoline.  Now we have added a swing set and are in the process of building a deck.

This shirt is an understatement!  "Big Trouble in a Little Shirt"

We affectionately call him "Our Helper"  because he is ever so helpful!

The deck boards are down and half the railing is up.  We just need to add stairs and the rest of the railing.  I can't wait for it to be done!

Easter 2013

We went to the Annual Easter Egg Hunt put on by the Township.  It was a beautiful day and the kids got loaded up with lots of eggs.  This year Jacob was afraid of the bunny even though last year he couldn't get enough of the bunny.

Jacob hunting with his spider-man glove on.

Why is trying to get a family photo SOOOO HARD!

Easter Sunday all dressed in pink and white.  Jacob was really throwing a fit about the pink tie.  It took a lot of persuasion to get him to keep it on :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Abby's Baptism

 Abby was so excited about her baptism.  She had Grammy make her a special dress for the day.  She had a very specific design in mind for her dress and Grammy made it perfectly.

 Both of Abby's Grandparents flew out for her big day.  She felt very blessed to have them there.

Dad's Honey Do List continued...

Dad was a huge help in building the shelves and window seat int he toy room.  When it's all finished it's going to house all the toys...I can't wait!

This was a huge project and I couldn't have done it alone.  This was probably the most productive week I've had in a long time.  Mom tended the kids and Dad and I tackled one project after the next, it was awesome.